The Clinic

The newly established ‘Whiterose Clinic’, is a specialist Oral Surgery Clinic, situated on the banks of Lough Foyle.  It’s tranquil location, with stunning views over the harbour, only assist in Patient relaxation and harmony.

It’s a purpose built clinic and benefits from a multitude of state-of-the-art facilities that differentiate it from others in the region.

First of, it’s ‘in-house’ CT scanner, has been a technological asset, which means radiology is up-to-date with 3D Imaging.  This eliminates, the need for Patients to be referred to distant Hospital facilities, and saves their time, money and inconvenience.  This facility also allows for higher-standards of oral surgery work to be adopted and maintained.

Leading on from this, Whiterose Clinic can then use this 3D technology in conjunction with specialist dental, computer software technology.  This allows, Dr Dan McKenna and his team to plan Surgical Procedures and Implant Cases, through CAD (Computer Aided Design) Technology.

In addition, In Surgery, LCD Screens, are effectively used for Oral Surgeon – Patient one-one consultations, which assists Patients in the understanding of their specific areas of Oral attention and the treatment options available for their individual treatment plans.

The Clinic adopts a strict policy on CPD (Continual Professional Development) of all Staff and the uses these high standards to help keep up-to-date with new advances and maintain these standards.

We feel that the maintenance of the Patient’s Oral Health prior to, during and after procedures is crucial; therefore our Hygienists work to help achieve these goals.

A friendly and professional patient environment is one of the many philosophies adopted by Whiterose Clinic.

Future plans, include creating an ever growing list of satisfied Patients and offering our services on a Referral Basis; as well as obviously being at the pinnacle of Oral Surgery in Ireland.

Our aim is to treat Patients at any stage of atrophy, disease or trauma and with general health permitting, predictably restore the Patient to normal health, contour, comfort, function and aesthetics.


Here at Whiterose Clinic, we perform the following procedures:

GDC No. 46075

GDC Registered Specialist in Oral Surgery


Our Accreditations

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