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“Since I had treatment at the Whiterose my teeth are so beautiful and they look so clean with a brighter shade chosen with care. Thank you.”

“Mr Mc Kenna placed implants in my top and lower jaws.  Now I can enjoy my food, get back my confidence and throw my old dentures away.”

“The results of my fixed bridge is excellent.  My teeth look really natural and I am recommending Whiterose to my friends.”

“I got the best care and attention with my implant bridges and a lot more reasonable than other quotes I got.  Thanks a lot Mr Mc Kenna.”

“I want to thank Mr Mc Kenna for taking out my wisdom teeth and keeping me relaxed , excellent treatment.”

“Im glad to get my teeth back even if it meant a bone graft from my chin which was a little uncomfortable after the procedure but the tablet kept all under control.  So glad to be without my dentures and have a natural looking tooth again.”

“After getting all my mercury fillings out and nice white clean replacements I find my health is better and I want to say thanks.”

“Excellent treatment, Thank you.”

“A good result with my crowns.”

“Thanks for all and I’ll attend regularly to let you take care of my teeth and gums.”


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