Wisdom Teeth

Adults can have up to 32 teeth. The wisdom teeth are the last to come through, right at the back. They usually appear when you are between 17 and 25, although sometimes they appear many years later.

What is an impacted wisdom tooth?
If there is not enough room , the wisdom tooth may try to come through, but will get stuck against the tooth in the front of it.

What problems should i be prepared for?
If part of the wisdom tooth has appeared through the gum and part of it is still covered, the gum may become sore and perhaps swollen.

What can i do to help myself?
If your gums are sore and swollen, use a mouthwash  of medium hot water with a teaspoonful of salt. An antibacterial mouthwash such as Corsodyl can also reduce the inflammation. Pain Рrelieving tablets such as paracetamol or aspirin can also be useful in the short term, but see your dentist if the pain continue.

But if it does not help?
If the pain does not go away or if you find it difficult to open your mouth, you should see a dentist

Are wisdom teeth difficult to be taken out?
It all depends on the position and the shape of the roots. Upper wisdom teeth are often easier to remove than lower ones, which are more likely to be impacted.


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